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What is fiber-optic TV?

The fiber-optic TV uses small gauge cables which are made of glass or plastic to execute the transmission of information via light pulses. This technology is what allows fiber-optic TV providers the needed bandwidth to send large data streams; this is well suited for delivering HD picture, high channel counts, and a reliable signal. The TV providers that use fiber-optic technology include ATT, Frontier. You can shop fiber-optic TV plans from these providers and more with Impact ConnectUS. ICUS is expecting your call to speak with our TV experts about what options are available for you regarding the TV plans and bundles in your area.

Get the Channels You Desire

All your favorites— from movies, news, sports and more. ICUS connects you with local TV service providers to supply you with the channels you want at a price which is in your budget.

Are You Moving?  We all have favorite shows never miss a minute.  Let us help by setting up service at your new place before you even move. Alternatively, right in your area find a great deal on a TV service provider.

Are You Happy with your existing provider? That is Wonderful! Upgrade today for the best providers of service available or find out how much a bundle could save you.

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Common questions regarding fiber-optic TV

Is fiber-optic service available where I live or where I am moving?

Availability typically is found in large metropolitan areas, but the providers are expanding their fiber networks, so please check with us.  Give us a call Impact ConnectUS to find out if your address is eligible for fiber-optic TV and internet services.

Is fiber-optic TV going to cost me a lot?

We see an ever-expanding coverage for internet and fiber-optic TV, monthly costs for internet and TV bundles, have dropped.  The prices are becoming similar to cable and satellite services.  The TV packages entry packages hoover around $20 or $30 per month, and if you bundle start as low as $60/mo.*

Is it less expensive to have internet with fiber-optic TV?

If you are planning on bundling internet and TV services, bundling this combo together with the same provider will get you a lower monthly cost, price guarantees, equipment upgrades and more.  Come on and call we are waiting to assist in pricing the TV and internet bundles in your area with Impact ConnectUS.

To have fiber-optic TC Do I need special cables?

No, you sure don’t. The TV provider will lay the fiber-optic lines which deliver service to your area. Once the fiber-optic TV service becomes available for your home, your installer connects your TV with standard HDMI or coaxial cables.  So, no worries.

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