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What are the best cable TV providers?

As with most companies the plans, pricing and channels they are different depending on the provider. At ICUS we strongly feel you are the determining factor in answering “what are the best providers.” Our customers are the ones that consider which provider matches there needs and budget and we will help in that process.

We look forward to assisting in identifying the cable TV providers in your area, comparing plans and service features. Thanks for calling Impact ConnectUS.

Get the Channels You Desire

All your favorites— from movies, news, sports and more. ICUS connects you with local TV service providers to supply you with the channels you want at a price which is in your budget.

Are You Moving?  We all have favorite shows never miss a minute.  Let us help by setting up service at your new place before you even move. Alternatively, right in your area find a great deal on a TV service provider.

Are You Happy with your existing provider? That is Wonderful! Upgrade today for the best providers of service available or find out how much a bundle could save you.

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Frequently asked questions regarding cable TV

We pride ourselves in providing answers to your questions about cable companies and services. For more information, our cable experts are ready and waiting to speak with you to help make that informed decision.

How much does cable cost?

For basic cable TV plans they can range from about $30 to $60 per month.* Higher-tiered packages can range $100 per month and up.  The equipment and add-on packages are also a factor which increases the monthly cost. Bundling is an excellent way to lower the cost of cable.

Why are cable companies typically only in certain areas?

There is a multitude of reasons, but the main reason is those companies want to help keep costs low.  They do that by avoiding the cost associated with providing cable service, such as attempting to offer new services where another provider has already established a presence so expanding there would not be cost-effective.

Is it cheaper to bundle the internet and cable TV?

Very often, yes it is. Most cable providers offer price discounts, such as equipment upgrades and other incentives when you bundle TV and internet together. Call Impact ConnectUS at for a cable TV bundle package pricing in your current area or where you are moving to.

How do I know who the available cable providers are?

You can search the available cable providers by ZIP with us here at Impact ConnectUS. We are excited to share with you which providers are in your current area.  Our cable TV experts look forward to providing you the details about available plans and any special offers in your area or the area where you are moving.

Can I get a home phone and cable TV bundle?

Many of the cable providing companies are also able to offer popular home phone service and include TV, internet and home phone bundles as well. You can likely add a home phone to a internet and cable TV bundle at a very reasonable additional monthly cost. There are cable providers that may even include home phone service at no extra charge with your TV bundle.

Is streaming cable channels a possibility?

Well, we are glad you asked because cable providers have an app which allows you this capability on your smart devices and enjoy your streaming cable TV subscription.  There are also a couple of services like Roku and Hulu. However, to get the best selection of live TV and channels, consider cable, satellite or fiber/IPTV package.

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