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Spectrum TV®
FREE HD | FREE On Demand | FREE Spectrum TV App

Spectrum Internet®
FREE Modem | No data caps| Blazing-fast STARTING speeds

Spectrum Voice®
UNLIMITED nationwide calling to the U.S. & more countries


TV + Internet + Voice





/mo for 12 months when bundled*


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Why Spectrum?

Spectrum offers plenty of great perks with any home service. With qualifying plans, you can also get free installation, Wi-Fi service and much more. Check out some benefits that come with any Spectrum plan:

Standalone and bundle plans

Spectrum offers standalone home service plans along with Double and Triple Play bundle options.

No contracts

When you switch to Spectrum, you won’t be locked into a contract like other providers.

30-day money back guarantee

Don’t love your service? Receive a full refund for your services for up to 30 days after your purchase.

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Frequently asked questions about Spectrum services

How do I access the Spectrum TV™ App?

You can watch all your favorite shows at home or take them with you with the Spectrum TV™ App. Just download the app and enter your account information to access thousands of On Demand shows and movies.

Do I have to bundle my services?

Spectrum offers standalone internet and standalone TV plans.  Those plans do not require bundling with other services, and you can bundle as well.  For Instance, you can bundle the internet, TV and phone services to save additional money on your monthly bill.

How do I get Spectrum Internet® in my area?

Call our internet experts at Impact ConnectUS today to learn more about Spectrum internet deals. We’ll help you find and compare packages available in your area and get you set up with the Spectrum internet plan that’s right for you.

Will my Spectrum internet have data caps?

Internet services offered by Spectrum come without data caps and have enough bandwidth to support all your internet browsing habits.  We here at ICUS are ready to assist with identifying the right offer for you.

What is the range of the Wi-Fi-enabled internet modem you provide?

If everything is just right (optimum conditions), users can connect from as far away as 150 ft.  Factors which play a role are the router and modem placement,  the densities of your homes walls,  the number of walls between device and router/modem, the Wi-Fi device you’re using and any environmental interference.

Connect with our Connection Specialist now and Save today! Call 1(800) 779-8226

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