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Liberty 50

What’s notable about Viasat’s “Liberty 50” Plan is that it’s the only plan on the market currently that offers a true wired broadband alternative at a national level. It isn’t as good as Viasat’s “Unlimited Gold” plan, but since that plan has limited availability we don’t yet list it. (You can check if it’s at your address when you call to sign up.) The 50 MB data cap is lower than most DSL plans by around 200 MB, but offers enough data for the average household even with occasional HD streaming and other bandwidth-guzzling activities.

Unlike wired Internet, the service comes at a steep cost, however. The promotional price of $75 is already high, and after the first three months you’re locked in at $100/month for a full two year contract. If you opt for their Unlimited Gold plan, it goes up another 50% to $150/month plus fees. That’s a deal breaker for many customers, but is standard for the satellite Internet market.

If you are a heavy Internet user and want a service that’s similar to Cable or DSL, the Liberty 50 plan is essentially the only way to get it. 12 Mbps is sufficient to handle HD streaming, and if you go over the 50 MB data cap service is slowed to around 1 Mbps rather than cut off.Includes:

  • 12 Mbps download
  • 50 MB data package
  • 2 year contract
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