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Typically, the best internet deal isn’t the least expensive plan, but the product plan that gives you the fastest internet speeds. Finding high connection speeds at a low cost can get you a great-value internet plan. We compared deals on the fastest internet plans from top internet providers and listed a bit about each so you can find the best, high-speed internet deal for you.

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Maintain your high-speed Internet connection at your home or wherever you might. Transferring your Internet service to a new address is an integral part of moving.  Too often it is one of the tasks that gets left until the last minute. ICUS helps you keep your Internet service working as fast as it can. Start or stop service, upgrade, or even change Internet service providers in one simple step, and get back online faster with help from ICUS.

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What’s the best internet deal for you?

Finding the best internet provider deal for you usually comes down to the following factors:

Light internet users - cheapest plan

The cheapest internet deal available will likely give you the internet speed you need for emailing, browsing the web and checking social media.

Streamers and gamers - no data caps

Streaming, especially in 4K or HD, and online gaming requires fast speeds and large data allowances. The highest available speeds from Frontier, Spectrum and Verizon have no data limits.

Telecommuters - faster upload speeds

Working from home often involves sharing large files and video conferencing, both of which will require fast upload speeds. Frontier FiOS and Verizon Fios both offer internet plans with fast upload speeds that match download internet speeds.

On-the-go internet users - Wi-Fi hotspots

Many internet providers offer free access to Wi-Fi hotspots, which give you access to a high-speed wireless internet connection in a variety of locations. Cox offers more than 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, and XFINITY offers millions of hotspots.

Bargain hunters - provider bundle discounts

Some internet provider deals offer discounted rates and special promotions when you add TV and landline home phone services. Check out all bundle offers near you to save on internet costs and get more for your money.

Rural residents - availability

Satellite internet is a great internet option for rural areas. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky to get satellite high-speed internet. Plus, satellite internet providers offer plans in all 50 states.

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